Martial Arts After Divorce

Martial Arts After Divorce

It’s not uncommon for recently divorced individuals to turn the focus onto themselves after their divorces are finalized. For many, it’s the first time in years, potentially the first time in their adult lives, that they’re single and only have themselves to think about. It can be freeing; it can be scary. One way to ease the transition from married life to single life is to take up a new hobby like martial arts.

As you work through your divorce, ask your Charleston family attorney for recommendations on new hobbies to pick up and ways to access them. If you’re considering a martial art like Aikido, your lawyer might know of a dojo or martial arts club you can join.

Aikido in a Nutshell

Aikido is a Japanese martial art focused on self-defense. Unlike some other martial arts styles, aikido was designed to protect the attacker as well as the victim. Its techniques include irimi, entering moves, tenkan movements that turn attackers, throws, and joint locks.

Aikido emphasizes reducing injuries and resolving conflicts peacefully. Because of this focus, it’s known as the “way of peace.” In addition to equipping practitioners with the skills they need to fend off a variety of kinds of attack, aikido trains practitioners to keep themselves calm in escalating situations. Posture, breathing, and maintaining a calm physical center are all crucial parts of aikido training.

Building Strength and Getting Fit with Martial Arts

Aikido, like every other martial art, is a physical activity. As you train in a martial art, you will notice yourself getting stronger, improving your balance and flexibility, and perhaps even losing weight. Aikido is a great way to build your muscles and improve your muscle tone.

You’ll also notice yourself developing a greater awareness of your body in relation to the space you’re occupying. By training your posture and breathing through aikido practice, you’ll develop a greater awareness of how you hold yourself. You’ll find yourself feeling more confident, yet relaxed, in everyday environments. In addition to this self-awareness, you’ll improve your sense of timing and coordination because these are two critical skills to use when you’re engaged in physical conflicts.

Get Fit to Improve your Confidence – and your Life

When your body is fit, you look good. And when you look good, you feel good about yourself. Getting divorced can be an emotionally trying process, and many people cope with these strong emotions by overeating and drinking a lot of alcohol. Instead of these unhealthy habits, choose to channel your emotions into self-improvement by choosing martial arts.

As you become stronger and more fit, you’ll notice your confidence level increasing. Setting goals and moving up through your school’s ranks is a key part of martial arts training, and achieving your martial arts goals is a big accomplishment. There is no better time to start improving your body and your mind with martial arts than now. Start the first chapter of your post-divorce life by focusing on yourself.