Traditional Aikido

Iwama-style or traditional aikido as developed by O’Sensei. Iwama-ryu aikido gets its name from the Japanese town of Iwama, where O’Sensei operated a farm and dojo during the latter half of his life. O’Sensei's student Morihiro Saito Sensei continued the founder’s teachings at the Iwama dojo until passing in 2002. His son Hitohiro Saito continues teaching aikido according to the system and principles handed down from O’Sensei in Iwama. Today, there are many high level instructors preserving this training method around the world.

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Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo

Good Aikido form is developed by training with the Ken and the Jo.

Iwama-ryu is based on the union of ken,  jo  and  taijutsu.  It is notable for its extensive use of kihon training in the early stages. Students begin with holds from a non-moving position to learn the mechanics of techniques: angles of movements, kokyu, balance and stability. With a solid foundation, students can then move on to the flowing ki no nagare techniques often associated with aikido.

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